“Skinny Wolves are Dublin based purveyors and lovers of independent record culture and all that surrounds it. They bury themselves in, amongst other things, releasing records and booking events for the bands they love and playing music from the records they love. Inspired by music from the Post-Punk, No/New-wave, Krautrock eras and everything it has inspired and influenced since, they have helped forge a new DIY underground in their hometown.” – Darklight

Previously Skinny Wolves has hosted events for the likes of :

GIRLS NAMES (NI, Slumberland), BARN OWL (Usa, Thrill Jockey), JEFRE CANTU-LEDESMA (Usa / Type Records), HYPE WILLIAMS (Uk,Rus / De Stjil), TEARIST (Usa / PPM), ABE VIGODA (Usa, PPM / Bella Union),NAKED ON THE VAGUE (Aus, Sacred Bones / Siltbreeze), TUSSLE (Usa, Rong DFA / Tom Lab), TELEPATHE (Usa, Merok), THESE ARE POWERS(Usa, Dead Oceans/ Deleted Art), PARENTHETICAL GIRLS (Usa, Tomlab),FORMER GHOSTS (Upset the Rhythm), XENO & OAKLANDER (Usa, Wierd Records), LED ER EST (Usa, Wierd Records), U.S. GIRLS (Usa, Siltbreeze), XIU XIU (Usa, Kill Rock Stars), GARY WAR (Usa, Captured Tracks), TWINKRANES (Ire, Twisted Nerve), SOMADRONE (Ire, TMIAT),JAMES BLACKSHAW (Uk, Young God Records), SILK FLOWERS (NYC, PPM Records) / GROUPER (USA, Type Records) / JOHN WIESE (USA, No Fun Productions) / SIC ALPS (Usa, Drag City Records) / NITE JEWEL (Usa, Italians Do It Better), GENEVA JACUZZI (Usa, Big Love) / ONEIDA (Usa, Jagjaguwar Records) / CROCODILES (Usa, Fat Possum) / POCAHAUNTED(Usa, Troubleman Unlimited) / SUN ARAW (Usa, Woodsist) / ARIEL PINK’S HAUNTED GRAFFITI (Usa, Mexican Summer) / SHOOTING SPIRES (Usa, Cardboard Recs) / CRYSTAL STILTS (Usa, Angular Recordings), WAVVES(Usa, Woodsist) / LUCKY DRAGONS (Usa, Upset the Rhythm) / THE PRESENT (Usa, Lo/Loaf Records) / INDIAN JEWELRY (Usa, Skinny Wolves / Tigerbeat6 Records), / MAHJONGG (Usa, K Records) / THE CREEPING NOBODIES (Can, Deleted Art) / ANNI ROSSI (Usa, 4AD) / LOVVERS (Uk, Wichita)/ EX MODELS (Usa, Troubleman, 31G) / EFFI BRIEST (Usa, Loog Records) / GANG GANG DANCE (Usa, Warp, Social Registery) / NUMBERS(Usa, Kill Rock Stars) / FIST FITE (Usa) / MENEGUAR (Usa, Troubleman Unlimited) / MIKA MIKO (USA, Kill Rock Stars) / NO AGE (USA, Sub Pop) /YELLOW SWANS (Usa, Load Records) / WHITE MAGIC (Usa, Drag City Records) / XBXRX (Usa, Kill Rock Stars / GSL Records) / GET HUSTLE (Usa, Three One G, GSL Records) / PSYCHIC ILLS (Usa, Social Registry Records) /MY DISCO (Australia, Stomp) / ARIEL PINK (Usa, Paw Tracks) / BELONG(Usa, Paw Tracks) / BLACK EYES (Usa, Dischord) / BILGEPUMP (Uk, Gringo) / MAGIK MARKERS (Usa, Ecstatic Peace) / MARNIE STERN (Usa, Kill Rock Stars) / CIRCLE (Finland, Ektro) / LES GEORGES LENINGRAD (Can, Alien 8 / Tomlab) / PARK ATTACK (Uk, Textile) & more

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